Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tuwapende Wanyama wetu

Documentaries have made us believe that lions and lionesses are invincible, hunting down wild animals as they wish. Perhaps that’s true to some extent, but this lioness at the Governors Camp in Maasai Mara has a story to tell.

Siena was injured badly on her left lower flank on Friday by a buffalo horn. The wound was deep with the skin sheath being fleeced but luckily no perforations to the stomach wall or any bone dislocation.

She was found by a driver on Friday morning, who immediately alerted the rangers. A vet was flown from David Sheldrick Wildlife foundation in Nairobi, and treatment started that afternoon.

The lioness was treated and stitched in an operation that took one and a half hours. She’s now doing quite well, and should be back hunting soon. Incredible!

Check out the photos.


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